Marketplace of advertising content for the beauty and fashion industry. Where you can order, buy and sell advertising content (photo, video, etc.). The platform uses AI-technologies to recognize and describe objects and faces on the image (video) (machine algorithms, computer vision).
Agrotech startup is a robotic system for the application of plant protection agents by drones. The project is a FaaS tool (Farming-as-a-Service), consisting of two parts: Hardware (IoT-solution) and Software (software that collects data for field boundary determination and subsequent analysis).
A global search platform that provides a simple way to search for cars around the world. It allows you to search your car on several websites such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, CarGurus, eBay - all in one place.
A chatbot that helps connect people with common interests nearby and help them easily make an appointment right now.
TRISPO is a tennis community ecosystem for creating the most effective training process and performance with scoring.
Through our app, athletes, parents and coaches are able to communicate and understand each other's roles in the training process, and Trispo helps participants improve physically and mentally through reflection.
TalkGym is an online negotiation training platform where you can practice a case, a negotiation technique, a culturally sensitive negotiation in any language. You can also act as a supervisor and trainer. Different negotiation topics are available, from family situations to investment negotiations.
Theoretical materials and dueling demonstrations support participants and promote rapid growth in negotiation skills.
Covid-Ray is an artificial intelligence-based online service for sorting chest X-rays and identifying lung abnormalities in one second.
An app that helps guys get over a breakup with EQ, mindfulness, and bibliotherapy.
It's a natural language online development environment & SaaS-based platform for Software Testing & Test Automation. With using our online test editor & integrated programming code generator CodeMinter allows to describe your test scenarios in plain text & get high-quality automated scripts on the fly.
Создание многофункциональных велосипедных гаражей.
Service is designed for licensing and quick sale of photos through instagram. Photo recognition is done using AI/ML.
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Минск, площадь Свободы, 17
+375-29 700-50-80