/ Zborka labs
We are a big community working on startups.
We bring together founders, developers,
investors, mentors to grow and bring startup products to the global marketplace.
ZBORKA is a laboratory for early stage startups, a community of mentors, funders and experts that is constantly expanding.
Our goal is to take the product from idea to global market.
And we are good at it.
1000 +
people in the community
practitioner educators
startups created and growing
mentors - experts
in their fields
enrollments were issued
100 funders and more than 400 team members have been trained

Our goal is to help startups scale and enter the global market. Therefore, we are constantly expanding our community and seeking experts, funds, investors, and mentors interested in the development startups pre-seed and seed stages.
We are a startup laboratory aimed at shaping the future through innovation.If our goals align with yours, please get in touch with us.
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